Summer Duck Wood - Rapidan, Virginia
One of the ponds at Summer Duck Wood
Summer Duck Wood is the home of Mary Carter McConnell.  Located in the rolling hills and woodlands of Piedmont Virginia, the 1500 acre property is managed for ecological balance and diversity.  In addition to the wildlife and birds found here, I share the land with a herd of Choctaw and Cherokee Indian horses and a pack of American Setters.
To learn more about our conservation breeding program for Choctaw and Cherokee Horses and about our line of setters, please explore the site.
The 2011 stud colts sired by Tabac, our Cherokee Stallion.
To enquire about horses that may be for sale or about breeding to our stallions or stud dogs, please contact Mary Carter McConnell
aerial view of the main house at Summer Dcuk Wood
The kennel at Summer Duck Wood with some of the residents
Mary Carter McConnell
Summer Duck Wood
22101 Constitution Highway
Rapidan, Virginia 22733
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