Summer Duck Wood - Rapidan, Virginia
The kitchen garden in JuneThe front courtyard gardenthe courtyard garden with early iris in bloom
The south facing stone courtyard is planted with a mix of fruit trees, roses, herbs and bulbs.
The kitchen garden is constructed of raised granite planting beds and provides vegetables and herbs in all seasons.
The water court is framed by two stone pergolas and beds of shrubs and perennials. 
The shower garden is centered on an outdoor shower which is a rotunda of clipped hornbeam in Palladian proportions. A grid of syringe reticulata underplanted with hydrangeas and ferns frame the terrace.
The winter garden links the house and the kennel and is a mix of trees, shrubs, bulbs, and grasses selected to be at their best in the winter months.
In addition, there is a small rock garden, a bog garden, and a cutting garden.
We do share the gardens with others but you must make arrangements in advance.  Please contact Mary Carter McConnell at [email protected]if you would like to schedule a visit.
The Gardens
The gardens of Summer Duck Wood embrace the house and extend into the fields and woodlands.  They are planted for year round interest, and for harvesting herbs, greens and vegetables, and  to support the birds on the land.
Roses & lilies in the Summer garden
the kitchen garden
the shower garden with Annabelle hydrangeas in bloom
the overlook garden in the autumn
the winter garden
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