Summer Duck Wood - Rapidan, Virginia
The Choctaw and Cherokee horses excell in athletic events.
The photos below show them Foxhunting; competing in Hunter Jumper shows, Dressage, Three Day Events and Combined Driving Events.
Terramoto (Ty) started competing as a single pony and won several events.  She is now being driven as a pair with She Comes Dancing.
 Ty & Dancing won the marathon at their first combined driving event at Southern Pines in the fall of 2013. 
The photos below show Indian Summer owned and ridden by Paige Nuckols in a Dressage show
Romulus ridden by Becca Pizmoht at his first Dressage show was High Score Introductory Level.
The gentleness of this breed makes them ideal as sport ponies for children.
Riley Twyman is riding 6 year old Peanut at the Warrenton Pony Show.
Quest in training for three day events
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