Summer Duck Wood - Rapidan, Virginia
Our American Setters
Our dogs are field trial lines of English setters. We select for their hunting ability, their strong conformation, power and endurance, their good health and their strong human affiliation.
Boudha & Blue, puppies from one of our litters
 Our setters are known for being both very powerful and very stylish. They have excellent noses and that mysterious quality known as "bird sense.  Their strong affection and deep attachment to the humans in their lives is a noted characteristic. 
We breed our dogs selectively and place our puppies carefully. Only those homes which promise high quality and thoughtful life-long care, appropriate exercise and activity, and a place within the family circle are considered.
We do allow breeding to our males.  Conformation, bird sense, temperament, and the pedigree of candidates are all taken into consideration. All females must have a hip evaluation report from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or from PennHIp.
 We hope to improve the breed and not just produce puppies. 
Our setters are registered with the American Field Stud Book.
To enquire about upcoming litters or about breeding to our males, please contact Mary Carter McConnell at [email protected]
Alli, Reveille, and Gem as puppies
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